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Sat: 8AM-1PM
Sun: Closed

Lamb Products

  • Arm Chops
  • Ground Lamb
  • Heart
  • Lamb Steak
  • Leg of Lamb Steaks
  • Leg of Lamb Roast
  • Liver
  • Loin Chops
  • Rack of Lamb
  • Ribs
  • Shank
  • Shoulder Chops
  • Shoulder Roast
  • Sirloin Chops
  • Stew Meat
  • Whole Leg of Lamb

All of our lamb products are carried frozen only. Lamb processing will typically take place during the Easter season, and that is when we will have all of our lamb products in full stock. The remainder of the year, certain product availability can be low.

For questions regarding lamb prices and availability, please contact us at (620) 662-4465